Why The Irish Language Is Important

In Ireland, the majority of the population speak English as their first language. However, the Gaelic language is still being taught in schools, and many will emphasise just how important it is. Why is it that the Irish language is something we must hold onto?

A Part Of Our Heritage

One of the most important things about the Irish language is that it’s a part of our heritage. Throughout our past it has been almost wiped out, but luckily it’s still being taught today. As a cultural indicator, it’s something that we just can’t lose.

For those who are interested in history and culture, it’s essential that you learn Gaelic. Holding onto that language is what will help keep Ireland unique and very much keep our culture alive. Some would say this is the most important thing about the language today.

It’s Still Spoken In Many Parts Of Ireland

While you’re still likely to hear English in most parts of Ireland, there are parts of the country where you’re going to hear Gaelic spoken daily. That includes areas like Donegal, Galway, Kerry, Mayo and Cork. These are areas are keeping the language alive, and that’s vital to the culture of Ireland as a whole.

It’s important to learn Irish, especially if you live or plan to visit these areas. Knowing the language allows you to interact with a part of your own heritage, as well as the people who live here. It’s amazing what a difference knowing the language will make.

It’s An Endangered Language

We’ve already touched on this, but Gaelic is very much an endangered language. The population of daily Irish speakers is small, and shrinking all the time. There have been many languages that have been lost to time, and we don’t want the same to happen to Irish.

Learning Irish now means keeping the language alive, and that’s such an important thing to do. In fact, many Irish people are doing their best to learn now, for that exact reason.

The Language Gives You Insight Into The Irish Mindset

There’s no denying that the Irish are a breed all their own. Even when speaking in English, the way we communicate is different to any other English speakers out there. That’s all rooted in our original language, and so learning it can give you a unique insight into the mindset of the Irish as a whole.

For example, in Irish, the way the phrase “I’m hungry” is phrased, it translates to “Hunger is on me”. That makes a whole lot of sense, doesn’t it?

It’s An Ancient Language

Did you know that Irish as a language is older than English itself? As such, that makes it even more important to learn and preserve. We don’t want to see such an ancient language be lost, simply because another language overtook it.

It’s Easier To Learn Than You’d Think

If you’re worried about the Irish Language dying out and you want to do your part, then you’ll need to learn it. While the language is taught in schools, many don’t retain the skill once they leave school. However, you don’t have to worry, as it’s not as hard to learn as you would think.

You can learn Irish in small chunks, which makes it much easier to digest and manage. It also makes it easier to learn around your day to day routine. You’ll be mastering the basics in no time at all, and doing your part.

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