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We need your own resources and links too so that we can build a bank of useful materials for all those of you teaching and learning languages who have registered on this site. It would be so good if you could upload the resources you use again and again - the ones that work best for you. Just put up:

(i) the level  (ii) the theme, and (iii) the skills you are targeting, and then (iv) describe the file in a short phrase that will make it easy for other teachers to know what it is e.g. how and why it is useful.

2 simple steps:

  1. Login (or create a new account)
  2. In the Resources area, go to the category to which you wish to upload a resource, and click 'Add Listing' (top right-hand side of the page)
  3. Further instructions here

Add your listing here

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Complete worksheet on motorcycle diaries

This worksheet can be used in its Entirety or bits and pieces can be used to suit class ability. There are pre, while and post activities included. It's best to break the film up into sections and maybe use this handout over a 2 week period.

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Personal Description - Speed Dating

Easier to play with about 20 students. Put 10 students on chairs in a straight line facing 10 other students. Give one side a description card each, they are the boys. Give the other side the questions sheet. This side must ask each boy the questions on t ...

★0 reviews
Photo of Alejandro Sanz

Can be used before listening to Alejandro's music for oral questions to describe physical appearance or just to elicit some previous knowledge about the singer from students.

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