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Current Activities

Supporting the learning and teaching of languages at post-primary level by providing access via this web platform to relevant resources and materials and offering opportunities for communication and discussion via Facebook and Twitter for students and teachers, opportunities for language upskilling and links to innovative and creative teaching methodology for teachers, and information for school managers and parents. Check out some of the great resources, links, and videos on the site! Our latest addition to the site is a blog for students of French which can be accessed by clicking here.

Working on the creation of short courses in modern languages not yet on the curriculum for the new Junior Cycle Framework. Currently we are nearing completion of generic specifications for use in the creation of actual courses in new languages, based on the NCCA template.  The aim of these courses is for students to develop language proficiency in the chosen language within level A1 (Council of Europe scale). The course also enhances learning by developing language and intercultural awareness skills combined with digital literacy skills. We are working with language specialists to develop courses in specific languages (currently Irish Sign Language, Japanese, Polish, and Russian) and are planning to create short courses in some home languages too.  We are also developing a range of support documents to assist course developers and teachers in bringing the new short courses to the classroom.

Planning for the future in relation to Japanese and Russian in order to ensure sustainability and developing a strategy to have these languages regularised in the general curriculum as mainstream subjects in accordance with their official status as curricular subjects.

Developing policy on the introduction of new languages based on research of best practice and on the experience of the initiative in introducing Japanese and Russian.

Our Role

PPLI is an agency of the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland whose role is:

  • to provide expertise and support for foreign languages education at post-primary level in Ireland
  • to promote multilingualism (use of multiple languages in society) and support plurilingualism (use of more than one language by individuals)
  • to support the lesser taught languages
  • to facilitate the introduction of more languages in to the curriculum via new short courses for Junior Cycle
  • to conduct applied research that will inform and support policy


Brief History:
The Post-Primary Languages Initiative was set up in September 2000 to diversify, enhance and expand the teaching of languages in second-level schools in Ireland. To diversify so that a wider choice of languages would be available to students; to enhance by strengthening the position of these languages and offering support to teachers in the form of materials and in-service; and to expand them so that they would be more available to more students in more schools.

The initial languages targeted by the initiative were Spanish, Italian and Japanese, and Russian was added a few years later. We see our role now as widening to encourage, promote and support the learning of all languages at post-primary level, and to develop policy and structures for the introduction of other new languages based on research of best practice and on the experience of the initiative in relation to the existing languages.

Our website aims to provide:

  • a place where language teachers can share resources and materials that are relevant to language teaching methodology in general, the teaching of the lesser taught modern foreign languages (Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish) on the Irish curriculum in Irish post-primary schools, and the new languages that are spoken as home languages in Ireland
  • information and opportunities in relation to language learning and teaching at post-primary level
  • a platform for CPD and languages upskilling for modern foreign language teachers
  • information and links to relevant research on foreign languages policy in Ireland, foreign languages needs in Ireland, and other relevant materials


About - The Team

  • About - Karen Ruddock +

    Karen Ruddock, National Co-ordinator, manages our agency, directing our various activities and organising staff. She began as a second level Read More
  • About - Kenia Puig +

    Dr. Kenia Puig i Planella, Language Advisor,   Kenia  joined PPLI in 2012. She looks after teaching and learning. Kenia works on Read More
  • About - Nellie Tattersall +

    Nellie Tattersall, Project Officer, joined the PPLI in October 2017. She has a degree in German and Czech, taught German Read More
  • About - Akiko Harada +

    Akiko Harada, Japanese language advisor, is seconded to us from the Japan Foundation. She provides ongoing CPD for Japanese teachers Read More
  • About - Michele Kelly +

    Michele Kelly, part-time Administrator, ensures that the office is run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Michele began her career as a post-primary Read More
  • About - Kirsi Hanifin +

    Kirsi Hanifin, Project Officer, joined the PPLI in May 2018. She is a qualified English and German teacher, and speaks Read More
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